Why your Technorati Authority is Falling down !! Errrrr!!!!


I was quite worried for a few days as My Technorati rank was & is decreasing due to decreasing Authority. Many of you like me must be thinking about this, & YES! his a question of concern for everyone who Blog to earn money as Technorati Rank Matters a lot.


Finally I found the reason why this is happening. We all know technorati authority is the number of Blogs linking to your Blog. More the authority more the Technorati rank of your Blog.


The Technorati counts the number of Blogs in last 6 Months linking to your blog. It is clear that as the links become older than 6 Months, they are neglected & not counted in your Authority. Finally your Authority drops down & the same happens to your Technorati Rank.


This keeps the database of Blogs linking to yours fresh & helps reduce load on Technorati too!.


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Stefen said...

oh dear, I didn't even know that technorati authority could be decrease.

skyiseternal said...

Technorati authority also decreases when you do not update your blog frequently. I have followed the authority of my blog closely so I can say that safely.

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