Best ways to increase Technorati Authority / Rank

What the heaven is the Technorati Authority ?


It is the number of total blogs linking to your blog. The higher the number, more is the Technorati authority of the blog.


Technorati Authority is what affects the Technorati rank of the blog. If one has a high Technorati authority, obviously its rank will be more. It is to be noted that web sites like & select the web sites on the basis of Technorati Rank, if a blog is well established on Tecnorati, the sponsorship of blog increases greatly.



So how to increase Technorati Authority :


  • The 1st way : I would suggest you is to get listed in the Blog Roll of any blog registered with Technorati. You can do so by often commenting on ones blog & gaining some attention of the  blog owner. This also makes the owner visits your blog. Then he may include your blog in the blog roll or you may also ask him to ass yours.


  • Spending some time on Technorati : Technorati tracks updated & new blogs on Internet. You can find many blogs related to your blog & hence can check them out & repeat the same as in 1st point discussed above. I am asking you to do this specially, because your technorati rank will only be affected if you are listed on others blog which is already thereon


  • Faving on Technorati : Faving others blog is a very good way to gain attention of the blog owners. Just surf & fave the technorati blogs related to your content & it would help you get some Skin!!.


  • StumbleUpon : Well guys, the concept of stumbling is unclear to most of people, even I am one of them, but  after all I have some conclusion about this & I think it'll help you. As we all know how much popular StumbleUpon is, & when ever we stumble any site then others who also come to review the site via stumbling often have a look at the stumbler & visit his site. Whenever you update your site then stumbleupon is a good tool to announce your sites updated content. This attract visitors to your site & make your site popular.


  • Commenting : Try to comment on most of the blogs & comment in a routine that is whenever there is an update on the Blog, try be the first one to comment. And another thing to keep in mind is that always put your Blog link in the  space for entering Web URL.


  • Social Bookmarking : You can add Technorati bookmarking icon to your blog posts. This helps you spread your blog posts, as the visitors add the posts to technorati favorites & this creates a chain of readers.


  • Post labels : Always label your posts with the exact keywords which explain your blog post. You can also add technorati tags to your blog & tell users what are the main keywords & what your blog is all about.


  • Wordpress : Prefer writing about Wordpress, for example write about Wordpress themes & plugins, try writing about the latest.


  • Ping your Blog : Always ping your blog to technorati whenever its updated. You can use web sites like &





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Rockstar Sid said...

I never worked on technorati authority :-(

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Gary said...

Well done! Since we are on the subject of improving Technorati Authority / Rank, here is the link to the code if anyone wants to add the button: "add this blog as a Technorati favorite".

Keep it up!

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Nice post on technorati rank. I am trying my level best for increasing technorati rank.

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