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All of you know must be aware of AWESOME BLOG LISTING which is going on my Blog already. As you added your links to the list your Blog link gets popular! but now I have some thing more for you guys. I am starting a new program which will help you Increase Technorati Rank & Authority in minutes, if you follow this system as mentioned.


YES! you got that right you can BOOST up your Technorati Rank & Authority in an easy & multiple way. All you have to do is following these 3 Small Steps mentioned below :


  • Just ADD your Blog to the AWESOME BLOG LISTING .
  • Wait until your Blog gets listed ( list is updated daily )
  • After your blog gets listed, then just copy the whole list from 0 to your blog  & post them on your blog as a New post with heading you feel suitable..


Note : If your blog is already in the list then Just Copy the List from 0 to latest added blog & then Post as a new entry on your blog.


What's the Benefit of this?? Must READ!!


This question must come into your mind! . Well, friends if someone Puts the list on his/her blog then your blog SPREADS on many other blogs.


For Example : If your blog is in the list & at least 10 people put the list on their blog, then you get 10 back links to your Site directly. This continues & back links to your blog increases as long the list being is added by the People on their blog. This increases your Technorati Rank / Authority & Blog Popularity a lot.


You can start just now, Just put your blog in the List at AWESOME BLOG LISTING & wait at least 1 day for your link to get listed. Then just copy the whole Blog list from 0 to your Blog  & post as a new Blog entry .


Feel free to ask any questions, if you didn't  understand how the system works... - Bob Matharoo


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Nikolai said...

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Dann said...

Like your blog!
Checkout mine, too.
Peek inside the journey of a celebrity journalist . . .

indra said...

nice blog bro

aravinth said...


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Arju said...

Hi, I had good alexa ranking and google backlink more than 100. But very low technorati rank of my blog

How I can increase my technorati ranking?

Arju said...

Help me. I could not add anyone to favourites nor anyone can add me? I says always something bogus message.
Technorati is very buggy product.

I added a button inside my blog

Arju said...

Add me ( ) to your favourites. I will add you.

Arju said...

Hi, Add my blog to your technorati favouries. And I will add yours , also I have one question how I can see my favourites blogs and how I can add favourites. It seems to me it does not work?

Arju said...

Hi, I dont know my google pagerank has been dropped from 4 to 0. Now, I am trying to increase my technorati rank. Please add my one. I will add you.

Rojin Giri said...

Great Article friend. Hope this will help a lot to increase the pagerank.

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