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June 16,2008

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GUD also stands for Greatest Uncommon Denominator Magazine. Its an American Literary Magazine which is published by GUD Publishing, Inc that came into existence by the combined effort of Mike Coombes, Sal Coraccio, Kaolin Fire, and Sue Miller.


As of today the present Editors include the following people :


  • Kaolin Fire, Issue 0; Spring 2007
  • Sue Miller, Issue 1; Autumn 2007
  • Sal Coraccio, Issue 2; Spring 2008
  • Debbie Moorhouse, Issue 3; Autumn 2008
  • Julia de Caradeuc Bernd, Issue 4; Spring 2009


The magazine contains Fiction, Information, Poetry ,literary & Art. The Magazine also features great Authors & Artists from all over the world. The GUD Magazine is published twice in a year which contains 200 quality pages of Art & Writing.


The GUD PDF Magazine is an online PDF version of the Magazine its downloadable & can be bought & accessed easily anywhere. The GUD PDF Magazine will also have the 200 pages content & will be just like the real hand book version. The GUD Magazine is also published in 5.5" x 8.5" journal version which can also be bought from leading bookstores.


The previous issues of the GUD PDF Magazine were successful & were liked by he people throughout the world. The issues were


  • Spring 2007 which was the 1st issue
  • Autumn 2007
  • Spring 2008
  • Autumn 2008
  • The coming one! Spring 2009


The GUD publications are now accepting articles for this new issue that will be released soon. You too can give your article for Publications on GUD PDF Magazine & can get yourself on the magazine too!. Just take care that your work is genuine enough to be accepted for publishing.



Here's what their Issue 1 Spring 2007 contain :


Issue 1 comes to life with Darby Larson's "Electroencephalography" where an experiment in robot-building goes terribly awry. And if you've ever woken up with an unexpected physical deformity—say, an arrow in your heart—you'll truly enjoy the next story.

There's also a smattering of flash fiction and psychedelia; a straight-out story where things aren't what they seem, poetry that takes you from the perverse to the sublime, some magic realism, science fiction, and a few letters to another species thrown in for good measure. We haven't forgotten those of you with a literary bent.

In addition, the artwork in this issue is particularly strong, with oil paintings, watercolors, photography, and photo illustrations complementing the words with which they are paired.



You can look for more issues click here!



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GUD Magazine said...

Thanks for the review :) I'd actually meant to be able to send you the PDF of the magazine. If you'd like that, I'd be happy to send it to you.

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