2.4 an alternative to Microsoft Office that's free!!



From the heading itself you must have understood about what I am gonna talk today. The Software is called & I think if you cant afford the expensive MS Office suite then this is what you are searching for. Its a Free to use office suite which can complete all your requirement & of course its a license free software.


The suite is a great software not only because its free but also the documents, presentations & worksheets made by it are easily compatible with all other office suites as the file format is recognized by them easily. With this suite you can also save the files in MS office formats like .doc, .xls & .ppt.


Contents of Open Office Suite :


You will be surprised to know that the Open Office offers all the tools which can completely replace Microsoft Word, Excel & Powerpoint. With addition to this it also offers two more applications, Draw & Base.



  • Word : Open office Word is just the MS Word, in first look you will be surprised to see that even the interface is just like the MS Word. It offers all the tools like Formatting, Tables, & everything MS Office Word Offers.

word writer


  • Calc : This is similar to MS Excel in which you can use formulae & make worksheets easily.

excel calc


  • Impress : Its the Open Office Powerpoint with which you can make stylish presentations with animations & other effects.

powerpoint impress 


  • Draw : With this, you can express your ideas with Tree format using arrows & even in 3D.



  • Base : Open Office Base is the MS Office Access, which offers you all the tools you need to create databases & more.




Although Open Office suite doesn't provide all those tools which MS office gives to its users, but if you need a Free of cost alternative for your non professional work then this is the Best.



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