LandAirSea GPS Tracking Systems helps track Anything Anywhere Accurately!



What's GPS ?


GPS is Global Positioning System, which is widely used these days in many vehicles & many mobile devices. Its mainly used for tracking location of the vehicles on roads & let them find their paths. This technology is not only used for tracking but also used for measuring velocity & direction.


Today, many companies are providing their GPS systems, but it is to be noted that most of them lacks accuracy due to inefficiency of computers in them.


But there's one company which has just changed the way the whole system works & has given these devices an accuracy & smartness with its new cutting edge technology.


Its called the LandAirSea Systems, Inc. So lets see how they have changed the way the whole GPS system working.



LandAirSea GPS Tracking Systems :


It all started in 1994 when LandAirSea Systems, Inc was founded. Since then the company is the leading manufacturers of GPS Tracking devices throughout the world. All the equipments made by the LandAirSea Systems, Inc are perfectly engineered & are passed though various tests before selling in the market, in this way the probability of errors in these devices is just zero. The GPS Tracking is used by many people as well as by the Governments all over the world & this technology is today coming in many mobile devices too!.




GPS Tracking System 3100 - EXT :




This GPS unit is so compact that it can be placed anywhere in the vehicle. It comes with an external antenna for tracking location of vehicle & it also has power jack which can be used for tracking the vehicle at longer distances. The device internal computer is very efficient & gives the most accurate details about the vehicles.



Uses of GPS Tracking Unit :


  • Vehicle Tracking : It give exact location , velocity & direction of vehicles like trucks,cars, airplanes, etc.


  • Mapping tracks : These devices help people find their destination via inbuilt maps


  • Asset Tracking : Just like vehicle tracing the GPS Tracking systems also helps in tracking assets.


  • Teen Tracking : Do you know the most cause of Teen deaths are car accidents ? But with this LandAirSea GPS Tracking Unit the parents are able to keep a check on the driving habits of their children & hence it can help in preventing future accidents. The benefit of this technology is this that the parents don't even have to be with their children to look after them.



Here are the Features of LandAirSea GPS Tracking Units which makes it the best product in the Industry today :


  • They are compatible with Google Maps which is one of the best features in this device, you just need to get Google Maps & it easily help you reach your destination. Moreover you can view the maps even in 3D way which simplifies the task to the most.


  • Interface of these devices is very user friendly & easy to use. Everybody can program the device easily without any problem.


  • GPS tracking Key is small sized device that determines the GPS location of the device within 2.5 meters and records detailed travel activities every second. All this is done with the help of inbuilt Computer with maximum accuracy. It receives 24 hr signals from the Department of Defense satellites.




  • The tracking key is easy to hide & can trace anyone anywhere.


Tracking Key has even helped the police in fighting crime. One such story came to light on 14 November 2007 when the Murderer of 12 year old was traced with this tracking key by the police . The criminal was having GPS based tracking key in his car which the police came to know from his wife & then the police bought the Tracking Key from Land Air Sea Systems which helped to trace the criminal & put him behind the bars. Read More....



Here's the video how this GPS Tracking device helped the Police:



So this is the way how the LandAirSea Systems, Inc has changed the way GPS Tracking devices were used & has given a new direction to this technology.



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