How to get maximum diggs! to your posts

nucleus is a web site which helps you make your posts popular & give your post opinion of public. The web site has changed the way the people used to read the articles & has allowed them to give their views about in a most simple that is Digging the post. If your post is interesting then your post would definitely get digged! by many, if not then no Diggs!!.


Many people has asked me about increase the number of dggs on their posts, so I have finally come up with some tips, hope they help you get maximum of



  • Latest Updates : Try writing about the latest news. Its a fact that Latest News get more viewers & hence the posts will automatically get more diggs! & will become popular.


  • Unique Content : Always write the posts yourself, that is don't copy the content from other blogs & hence your blog will get more unique & will be liked by more people.


  • Add Videos : You can add videos with your posts, which allow people to read , as well as watch the thhings related your posts.


  • Add Images : Embed beautiful images which can explain the idea in your every post. Now on the whenever you Digg any story, you can add images which are inside the post. This attract a lot of readers, which give you a good number of diggs!


  • Using : There are many communities on which gives you Digg Exchange, you just have to digg their posts & they will automatically digg yours back too!


  • Make Friends : You can make friends on & many other social bookmarking sites & then these friends can be asked about digging your posts & then you do the same too! .


  • Blogging about Wordpress : As you have noticed in my earlier posts about i have told people how  Wordpress affects your Technorati, Alexa & similarly you can get too many diggs for your post mentioning about the new Wordpress Theme or plugins. Wordpress is a popular blogging platform & i would say about 65-70% bloggers are using it today!. So, any post which provide people any new wordpress stuff become popular among people easily.




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