Best assorted ways to prevent copying of your blog material

How to copyright your Blog! Did you ever thought of saving your blog content from copying by others? then think once more because many thieves out there must be eyeing on you content and using them on their blog under their name.In this way plagiarism kills the credibility of blogger. Though we cannot completely stop others from copying our content but this can be prevented to some extent. In this post you will learn how you can do this, so go ahead.


Below are some tips which will help you in protecting your blog from online thieves:


1. : I am using this service on my blog and I should say that its working great ! . You Sign-up with them and then enter the URL to be protected (that is your BLOG!). After this whenever you blog they send you the copyrights of the post on your email-id. This makes you the registered writer of the post. They also give you a badge is displayed on your blog to show the visitors that your content is copyrighted


2. Copyscape lets you search for the copy of your blog posts on the web. You have to pay if you want to search for more than 10 results by signing up with Copyscape Premium. However they give you free banners to be put up on your blog that prevent others from copying.


3. Use Watermarks : If you are using images on your posts, that are genuinely created by you then you should put up watermark on those images in light color so that they don’t create messy images. The watermark could be in the form of blog address, blog title or your blog logo.


4. All rights reserved: At the bottom of the blog page, write your copyright year followed by blog name and then the message All rights Reserved. This can be seen on most of the professional and popular blogs. This shows that all the content on the blog is copyrighted by you (the author!).


So apply any of these simple 4 tips and save your blogs identity from others.


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