Apple Tablet PC called as iSlate coming in January 2010 !!


There are rumors that Apple is coming with a whole new Tablet PC in January 2010. It’s being called as iSlate, one more addition to apple i gadgets. This news is making a bigg buzz in the blogosphere as everybody is curious to know about it. It is also said that Apple has recently bought for this new baby.


Design :


People are expecting it to be like a bigger version iPhone, glossy and flat like glass.


Specifications :


It is said that this tablet PC will be having NO! keyboard and mouse, the innovative technology behind Apple Iphone’s touch screen will be empowering the touch screen of this tablet. We love the the way Iphone Touch Screen works and same is expected from this tablet PC. However the full specs are not known to anyone right now.


Price :


About the price there are again misconceptions and it could be around $800 or more. If it’s near $800 price tag then this product is surely going to rock the markets.


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Darmawan said...

Well.. Apple always make innovative products. But too bad, they also cost them too much

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Bob Matharoo said...

Yeah ! you are right! but quality comes for such a higher price! and you know that none of the other companies in the world are near Apples Touch screen !! iT's freakin AWESOME!!

hanum said...

really awesome gadget. Great innovation. I like it.

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