How to reduce spam in your Blogger blog comments ?

spam I really hate those bullshit comments in which the commenter leaves his URL in the end, like “This is really cool site, plz visit my site again ,” and other blah! blah! blah! messages. These all are considered SPAM. So how we can reduce this thing in our blog.


If you are using a blogger blog then here is a simple method to reduce SPAM :


1. Click on Settings

1. Just login to your Blogger Account on and click on your blogs Settings.


2. Go to Comments


2. Look for Comments Tab under settings page.


3. Choose these options under this section.

3. Under the Who can Comment Section choose Registered Users ( my recommendation ) or Users with Google Account . This will allow only those persons to comment who have accounts on Google, OpenID, Typepad, Wordpress, AIM and Live Journal. Now those Anonymous and unnamed guys to put those crappy comments. Therefore if a person wants to comment he/she should be a registered user of any  of those platforms.


4. You will also find this section and choose as in the image

4. Now head to the comments moderation section and choose Always Ask option. Now whenever someone comments on a post you will be asked if the comment should be published  or rejected. If non-member of your blog leaves a comment then the update will be sent to your email.


 5. Verify Words to prevent bots5. Verify Words to prevent bots

5. Scroll down and you will find Show word verfication for comments and choose yes.When someone comments a Random image with some words will be shown, if they are typed correctly only then the comment will be sent for moderation or posted.


6. Finally you have configured!!

6. Finally click on save settings and you are done.


You may find similar settings in other blogging platforms like Wordpress, Typepad and others.So from now on only publish the comments you feel are safe.


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Dhemz said...

good one bob...this is very informative...thanks for sharing...I will definitely use this for sure!

Mr. Stupid said...

Hi Bob, great blog you've got here.
This should be a great way to reduce spam...

The other day, I even found an option on the Settings page, that allows you to moderate comments. So does that help in reducing spam too?

Just wanted to wish you and your dear ones a Happy and a prosperous New Year!

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