Blogger changes urls of all blogspot blogs

Blogger shakes all blogspot blogs!!Blogger recently made a bad move by changing URLs of all free blogspot blogs. My blog changed from to

I guess the URL changes according to the country from where you are accessing the blog. If you are opening my blog in india then it will be

  Cons of this URL change to blogger blogs 
SEO: Many people are worried about this thing and yes the first impact is on SEO of your blogs. All of the links which are redirecting to your site become invalid in the sight of Search engines now. Now search engines will see duplicate content on the your new blog address which may lead to removal of your site from search engines.
Page Rank: At present my blog’s address still maintains its page rank but I think it will go down as soon as the search engines come to know about this change. :(
Widget Problems: Some widgets no more recognize your blog now!. I was having a Stumble upon submit button upon all the blog posts and now they are no more shown and takes too long to load. Also one of my posts received around 10000 stumbles! and now it shows zero on it!. This is all due to this url change!.

  What’s not changed 
If you type your blogs address it will automatically redirect to new url, which means .com address are still working. Hope they continue to work if not then its really going to be a big mess!

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