Apple launches resolutionary New iPad

New iPadOn March 7,2012 Apple came up with not a revolutionary device but a Resolutionary device which is now called as new iPad. This was their first major release after the death of Steve Jobs the man behind Apple. Yes its not iPad 3 which everyone was expecting. They have decided to go without numbering their upcoming iPad and the same is expected to be happening to iPhone when they a launch a new one.

Here’s what the New iPad is:

The design is same but there is slight increase in weight.


iPads retina display has more pixels than HDTV!This time Apple iPad has been power packed with a Retina display which made them called it a resolutionary device because  no other tablet yet comes with such an ultra high resolution and crisp screen. It has more pixels than an HDTV!.

A5X ProcessorNow comes the 2nd good feature I liked which is the A5x processor which is a dual core chip with quad core graphics and obviously you are going to see some performance increase and more awesome gaming and apps.

5 MP CamIt now comes with a 5 Mega Pixel Camera which is really good for taking some nice pictures. But I am kind of confused why they named it iSight?! Looks like its just being overhyped. Its built as the same way as iPhone 4S with same advanced optics shit. :)

Dictation Siri like10 Hrs of battery lifeThen comes a taste of Siri on iPad but its just dictation and will help you speak to text i guess. New iPad has 4G LTE connectivity which gives blazing fast download speeds on networks.All these features in the new iPad still maintains a battery backup of 10 hrs on WLAN and 9 hrs on 4G  which is good enough for tablets these days.



Prices are same as last year.

But this makes you think of many other Android Tablets and BlackBerry Playbook which are also offering a lot of apps and amazing hardware and designs. So you decide.

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