13 Best Plugins for Windows Live Writer



Do you use windows live writer? If yes then you must know that windows live writer is not just a Blog Poster, it's more than that in many ways. I think windows live writer has made Blogging very simple & easy. I often got errors when i tried to post through Bloggers online poster, you too might have sometime faced this problem . With Windows live writer one can not only post in the weblog style & can add even more life to its posts easily.


Windows Live Writer has some great inbuilt tools like:


  • Insert Picture with which you can add shadow effect , rotate it, align it accordingly.
  • Insert Table helps you show comparison between things easily .
  • And many more like Formatting the text, Inserting maps etc


This feature rich tool can be enhanced more easily by adding more plugins into it with which you can give a new shape to your Blog Posts. There are many plugins available for free download on net .


And here are the 13 Best Plugins for WLW which i think must be installed if you are a WLW addict :



  •  custom-smiley                          

Custom Smileys : With this plugin you can not only add MSN smileys but Yahoo & other smileys in you Posts like BananaCoolIdearainbowFlag

  • LARGE 

 Word Count : As the name tells it helps you to count the words in your post & helps you maintain word limit.Simply hit Ctrl+A to select all your text, then click "Insert Word Count" and it will popup a dialog box displaying the number of words used.

  • LARGE2 

 Insert Code : This tool can convert a text into a number of languages like HTML, MSH, JavaScript, C# & more.

  • LARGE3

 Social Bookmarking Tags : This plugin will help you add social bookmarking icons like del.icio.us, digg, & many more.

  • gf-polaroid     

Polaroid Picture : Using this plugin you can add Polaroid style pictures in your post which looks very attractive. Moreover you can rotate the picture in many directions.

  • tablke                                                                     

Table Plugin : With this you can add customized tables to your posts with picture backgrounds & more.


  • LARGE                                                             

Adsense Coder : It enables you to add ADsense ads to your posts without using HTML. 

  • 223273467_a3a6c242f4_m    

Flickr4Writer Plugin : It enables you to add your flckr photos directly into your post.

  • 224952069_1494a16cbf_m                                                    

Syntax Highlighter : If you share codes in your posts then this plugin is built for you. It also add colors to specific words.

  • ink blog                                                                     

Ink Blog : This is built for Tablet PC users & helps you to blog with Stylus. It features various tools like Highlighters, Lasso tool, recognition of handwriting, various pens & many more.

  • current mood 

Current Mood : This is a funny plugin which lets you tell your readers " In which mood you were when writing this post ".


  • default                                                         

WebSnapr : Using this plugin you can add thumbnails of websites which you mention in the posts.


  • digg                                                                               

Digg this Plugin : Add digg button to any post you like & get your posts surf the the digg.


So add these plugins & enhance your posts.




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