Death Rally for iPhone 4S

Death Rally iPhone

Few days ago I installed this amazing game called Death Rally on my iPhone 4S and it just brought old memories back when I used to play K Rally on my Nokia N73. Earlier this game was paid and for sometime they made it Free! and I got it installed! :) .

The game has amazing 3D graphics and has a top down view play. If you have not played that type of game then you might feel odd while playing but don’t worry its fun and you will get used to it. The fun factor comes when you get special power ups while racing, you get Nitrous Oxide, repairs, Weapons and ammunition which helps you destroy other cars and win!.

There are many cool cars, weapons and tracks to unlock as you progress during the game. The latest version now also offers online multiplayer gaming..

Here are some Screenshots:

It was free few days ago but again they are selling it for $0.99.

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