Happy New Year 2012


Hello friends, just like every new year I am again wishing you late as usual :) . Finally I finished my most busiest fall semester ever in December 2011 and I hope that I don’ t see such a semester again in my computing science degree. The fall semester was so insane that university became my home and my home became just a place where I sleep :D.

But 2 awesome things that happened during the semester were  that I got an iPhone 4S in October and the other was that I got a co-op internship at Research in Motion YEAH!!.

So I moved to Ontario just as the new year 2012 began and got busy and was trying to adapt to this whole new environment. So now as everything is set I hope that I will be blogging without breaks during this year even though first month is gone, but I will try my best to continue this habit.

Also you must have noticed if you were a regular visitor that My blog just got its new theme which is focused on typography without any extra images and advertisements. This has made my blog clean and less messy :) which is easy to read even on mobile devices.

As I finally got the most ‘awesomest’ device which is iPhone so you should expect some real cool posts about any new iPhone apps and much more cool stuff.. So stay tuned…

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