How to begin a blog

postfirst If you have just got a new blog then a perfect beginning of a blog is very important. The beginning will give the right direction to the future of your blog. If you have got the right beginning then writing further posts on your blogs gets easy as you know what to write about.


Here are some tips to give your blog a successful start:


  • Introduction: In your very first post of your blog, you should first introduce yourself answering the following:

       1. Who you are?

       2. What is your profession?

       3. Where you belong to?

       4. What are your future plans?

       5. What are you going to write about? (explained under)


  • On what you are going to Blog on : The answer to this question will give the foundation to your blog. You have to decide that if you are going to be writing on specific topic or mixed range of topics.


  • Language: Try writing in a casual and simple language as this type of language is more user friendly and help others understand better about your goals.


  • Identity: As in the first post you are going to write about your self, so this page in future will give author the identity, and let the readers understand you better.


  • About Page: This first post will be going to be the About page of your blog. So write it carefully, you can refer other blogs and learn how they have written their about pages. You can check my page also by Clicking Here.


Even though you are not going to get traffic from your first post but a good About Page will speak everything about your blog and will make readers understand your blog more easily.


I hope you now have a better idea on how to get started with your blog.


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Vinay Rai said...

Really interesting points and tips. Beginning a blog is the most difficult phase in a bloggers life. After you set up your blog everything becomes plain easy.

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