Google Adsense Do’s and Don’ts

Google ADsense Do's and Don'ts.. Google Adsense is one of the most healthy way of making money online with blogs and websites. Thanks to Google who is helping millions of people around the world make use of their awesome service.


If you have started using Google Adsense or already using Google Adsense then here are some small tips to help you get the best out of this great program:


  • Patience- If you are not getting enough clicks or Clicks on your ads are not changing into money then do not loose patience, as it always takes some time for a Blog to gain readership and get the maximum rate per click. The click to rate conversion depends upon the Page Impressions and unique visitors to your Blog.


  • Stop clicking on your own Ads as Google is smart enough to catch the defaulters and block their accounts if you do this daily. This makes Google watch you with a doubt and finally it may even end up in criminal penalties.


  • Never use Automated Tools for increasing your blogs CPM or clicks on Ads because Google counts this as illegal.


  • Stop asking People to click on your Advertisements. Many people write a line below the ads requesting people to click.


  • Do not form groups to click on each others ads because when simultaneous clicks come from same IP’s again and again, there is no click to rate conversion.


  • Do not put excess of Google Adsense ads on your pages as it distracts most of the visitors from visiting your blog and hence decreases the readership of your blog.


In the end I would say that let the visitors click naturally on your ads and then you would see that even small clicks leads to good rate conversions.


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