Best assorted Twitter Widgets and Buttons for your blog

If you are on twitter and also have your blog then a twitter widget is must on your blog. I have selected and assorted the best Twitter widgets which you can use on your Blog and increase your Fan Following.


1.Profile Widget:

profile-widgetThis widget can be used for displaying your last tweets on your blog. It can be used to help users follow you on Twitter whenever they visit your blog. You can get it from itself, Click here! to go to the page.


2. Twitter Visitors:

visitorsIts becoming very popular in bloggers.This widget helps to show the recent visitors on your blog who are on Twitter. If you are logged on then you can follow the visitors by just clicking the Follow button, you do not have to go to It also helps you add your twitter profile on the widget by clicking on Add your Twitter Profile.


3. Twitter Followers Counter Buttons:


These buttons display the number of your twitter followers. You can Get it at


4. TwitStamp:

twitstampWith this widget you can take a screenshot of your latest Tweet just by filling your twitter-id  on You can also take the screenshot of other users Twitter Profiles. These screen shots can be used on Forums and blogs.


5.Twitter Card:

twittercardThis small and compact widget can be used as business card for your Twitter Profile that can be pinned on to your blog. Just put your twitter-id on and they will generate a small card like the above one for your Twitter Profile.


6.TwitterMySite Button Generator:

tw1 tw4 tw3 tw2


You can generate cool twitter buttons for your blog on Just enter your twitter-id on and it will generate many beautiful buttons.



 Twitter / dreadbob

Visit this site and enter your Twitter-id , they will generate an animated GIF of your last 10 posts. You can add this easily to your blog by copying the generated code.


8.Twoxit Twitter Widget:

twoxitThis widget can be placed on your blog, it will allow your visitors to log on to their Twitter profiles and tweet from there. It may help you get some more traffic as the visitors may probably tweet about your blog.


9.Retweet Button:retweet


Retweet buttons are just like the digg buttons which can be added to your blogs and to each of your blog posts.



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