How to create 3D TEXT in Photoshop

imageI recently learned a great way of making 3D text in Photoshop which i thought was IMPOSSIBLE in Photoshop. In very short time you can create a great looking 3D text which you can use for your blogs and websites.


For this tutorial I am using Photoshop CS3. It can also be created using Photoshop CS2 or Photoshop 7.


Lets start :


    • Open Photoshop


    • Click on New to Create a New file and choose the resolution high like 1600 x 1200px. imageimage


    • Click OK to start creating a new image.


    • Now Click on Text button to begin writing on the image.


    • Now write the first alphabet you want to convert into 3D.image


    • Then right click on S layer and click on Rasterize type.image
    • Now with S layer selected Go to Edit>Transform>Distort . Now Distort the Alphabet from sides to give it a 3D look.image 
    • Right Click on S layer and select Duplicate Layer to create a Duplicate layer of S and name it as S1.


    • Now with S1 layer selected go to Edit>Free Transform. Then move the S1 layer 6 to 10 pixels up and 3 to 4 pixels right or left


    • Now right click on S1 layer and select Bending Options. Then select the Gradient Overlay and choose the colours that you want. Set the angle to show the light colour outside or set accordingly.


    • Here is the final output TADAAAA!!!!



You can also watch the video tutorial and learn:



To download the Video Tutorial and the PSD file .. Click Here! 


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