How to blog with Microsoft Office Word 2007

Microsoft Office 2007 has very smart feature with which you can publish your documents as blog posts or just use it like windows live writer. All you need is Microsoft office 2007 installed on your system. So lets get started with Blogging in Microsoft Word 2007.


These steps will help you in setting up your blog for use with Microsoft Word 2007.


Lets go:


  • Open up Microsoft Word 2007 on your PC.

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  • Now click on the left cornered button with office logo then many options will open.


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  • Select Publish and then choose Blog under this option.


  • Now a Register a Blog account window will appear.


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  • Click on Register now to set up your blog.


  • Select your Blogging platform like Blogger, Wordpress, etc.


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  • For example I am using Blogger as blogging platform and then click on Next.


  • Enter your Username and Password .


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  • Choose a Server for storing your images. If you have a server then enter the upload URL and  source URL otherwise you will have to choose None-Don’t upload pictures. Sometimes blog service providers automatically host images you upload in the post, so contact your Blog service provider for more information.

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  • Click on OK then Word will ask for your confirmation on sending information.


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  • Now choose your blog and you are ready to blog.


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denis said...

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