WGA Validation removed from Internet Explorer 7

Finally a good news for IE 7 fans , Microsoft at last removed the WGA (Windows Genuine Advantage ) Validation from the IE 7 Setup . This made the IE 7 to get Installed only if you have Genuine Copy of Windows XPSP2 , x64 Server and Windows Server 2003 . But now you can install it like other browsers, just Download & install...

It seems that Microsoft took this Step to meet the competition on Net as most of the users are heading towards other browsers like Opera, Mozilla, Safari, etc. This step of Microsoft allows the pirated windows users to Install & run the IE7 ,which in turn would increase the No. of IE7 users in the World..

Other than this there are some minor updates in the new version.
Windows XP SP2 users can download the New version from here.
Size: 14.7 MB

Happy Browsing,
Bob Matharoo

1 comment:

BillyWarhol said...

I think I'll PASS on that one!!!


Thass a Microsoft Product ain't it??

I still have a BAD taste in my mouth from having torn my brains out trying to do some SIMPLE things with their CRAPPY Software*


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