Build your own Tutorials with CamStudio...

If you are one of those who share their ideas with the world via Video tutorials then this software is made for you!.
CamStudio is the software with which you can make Video of your Desktop & it records whatever you do on the computer screen.

After recording you get your file saved in AVI Format with quite good quality. The AVI file can further be converted into SWF for uploading on the net as well as for better streaming like YouTube, etc. You can record even your own video message with help of Webcam & Microphone.

CamStudio also have codecs which compresses the output file with the minimum quality loss. You can easily control the Quality of the video & can easily manage the size of video. The user interface of this software is very Friendly & anyone can use it..

The Main part of this software is that it has no time limit & you don't have to buy it's license to use it , in other words this software is a Freeware now.

Just Download & install it on your PC from here:--

CamStudio :

Lossless Codec:

Bob Matharoo


Colin said...

Hi Bob,

CamStudio is a great utility and I've used it a few times, but for most of my recording I use BB FlashBack...but it's not free but cheaper and as good as the mainstream screen recorders.

Anyway, you have a Totally Fabulous award for this blog at

Michael K. said...

Well my first comment didn't go through, so I will try this again. I came across this site searching to make better CamStudio videos. Mine were of ok quality but I want better quality when it goes up on YouTube. I will be posting them on my Domain Name site and see if it atrracts interest and visitors. I will try the lossless codec as you mentioned to see if it improves quality in any way on YouTube.

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