Add Star Rating Widget to your Blogs..

released it's fully compatible widget with Blogger, Typepad, Wordpress & other platforms which can easily be integrated by just installing the code. The user don't even need to register before installing, just get the code & install !

The logo of has been eliminated, the company says "They are not doing this for their marketing" , it seems that they are correct. The shiny interface of the widget beautifies the blog .

Most of the visitors who visits the blogs show laziness in commenting about the work, this widget is a cool thing for them to show their views about the Posts.

To install the widget just visit

You can view the demo of this widget at this Blog...


martinact420 said...

Thanks for the tip! I will be installing this now.

Three Million Movie said...

but why everyone in the blogger google group was uppset from it ... and they were asking to remove it quikly from the post settings ?

Rajesh Lal said...

check for Rating Widget. I have used it in Its kinda cool

Crazy for Canada said...

I just tried to instal it to Blogger, it didn't work at all.

I wanted to use it to rate my videos:

It offered me auto-instal, two options: template or content. I clicked content. Nonetheless, it installed to the template, and it didn't work, nothing showed up. I moved the code to the content, still nothing showed up.

I then tried the code for the "other" (plain web page) and it worked in a page on my desktop when I tested it. I installed it to my Blogger content, hoping... but it didn't show up at all.

That was a good waste of a half an hour. It raised my hopes, now I'll be looking for a similar one that can actually do the job.

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