Opera 9.22 One of The Fastest.....

Opera started out as a research project in Norway's largest telecom company, Telenor, in 1994, and branched out into an independent development company named Opera Software ASA in 1995. These daysOpera is one of the fastest browser available on the Web. The main motive of this browser is to make Web Surfing Easy..it has a very freindly & good looking user interface.
Opera proves to be a winner on any Internet Connection because of it's 2 gr8 abilities:
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1. It allows the User to choose Author Mode or User Mode

2. It allows you to not to show images by Selecting 'No Images' or
not to Download the images already in the cache by Selecting 'Cached Images'.

These 2 features allows the user to save a lot of bandwidth & hence get maximum from the low Speed Internet Connection. Even i myself tested it on a GPRS connection by connecting my Bro's Cell with PC & this browser gave it's best performance even at that 5KB/sec connection while the IE was quite irritating because of Slow opening of Pages..

Now Opera has launched the New version Of this Browser which is Opera 9.22 ..

Opera is Updating this Browser very frequently so that the users can get Max. Benefit

You Can Download this Browser by Clicking Below:

Size : 4.7 MB English

To See What's New in this Version Visit Opera

Bob Matharoo

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