Check real time North America cloud cover weather view


Cloud Cover North America

Space Science and Engineering Center website by University of Wisconsin-Madison's Graduate School shows a real time animation of the cloud cover over the North America continent. It gets the satellite images and shows animation by stitching those images together. With the help of it you can get an idea of what weather is going to be like in coming hours by taking a look at the forming clouds, storms near your city area.

You can see weather for the hours passed and at the end of day you see what it looked throughout the day. We all know its difficult to predict the weather in our present day world but this really shows how the cloud cover is changing continuously over North America.

Amazing pen knows where you put X or O in Tic Tac Toe!


I just saw an amazing video of pen called Livescribe which was built by a company called Infocom, the pen has a virtual machine called Z-Machine developed by Infocom to help port their games to the myriad of incompatible computers that were around in the early 80s. This could really have amazing uses, as its an intelligent pen. The bad thing about this was that you have to read for the instructions on its small LCD screen. Here’s the video enjoy:

The pen seems to be created in 2010, but still it’s a must watch. :)

Facebook acquiring Instagram for $1 billion


InstagramJust a day before yesterday there was big bang in social networking world as Facebook bought Instagram for whooping $1 billion !.

Blogger changes urls of all blogspot blogs

Blogger shakes all blogspot blogs!!Blogger recently made a bad move by changing URLs of all free blogspot blogs. My blog changed from to